Thursday, February 09, 2006

Psychic Spies and Spiritual Asides

I don't know about you, but I'm always in the middle of three or four books at a time. Recent and current reads:
I met Dallas author Will Clarke at the recent Pulpwood Queens weekend. He's the type of guy who can wear a green velvet blazer, march in a parade with tiara-wearing women and holler "Read Books!" at unsuspecting passers-by with astounding elan. His book, Lord Vishnu's Love Handles, is no-holds barred funny about an alcoholic psychic who's rooked into spying for the government. And that's the most normal part of the plot. Not for those easily offended by...well, just about anything.

A few lines from Vishnu:"She's tending to this buffet of overcooked mush. It smells like BO, and I'm using all my willpower not to hurl again."

"Her fingernails look like pink Chiclets."

My favorite:
"I make her feel like we used to feel. I stir her like sugar that's settled in the bottom of a cup of bitter coffee. I sweeten her."

There are plenty more quotables, but you'll have to read them for yourself.

On the flip-side, I'm also working through a study called Finding Balance by Becca Stevens. It talks about balancing devotion with duty, and tending to the spiritual while living in the physical world with all its demands.

My favorite quote so far: "Sometimes I believe that God simply gives us enough vision to see the next day and the faith to walk into it. It isn't until we have walked a long way that we can look back and think: Thank God, I had no idea how rich and tiring this life of duty and devotion would be." (p. 49)

I underlined this and put an exclamation point in the margin. (I like to write in my study books - a habit leftover from college.) I think about the past year, the release of my first book and the exhilaration, craziness, travel, hope and fear that ensued. Thank God I didn't know how rich and tiring this life would be.

But I'd like to hope that even if I did know all of it - the good, the bad and the uglies - I'd still walk right on in.


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