Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Church Ladies

On the tour front...

My last official gig was with a United Methodist's Women's group in Texas. What a hoot. Here's why I enjoy (most) church ladies: they love to laugh, they have a heart for helping others, and generally they're pretty down to earth.

Personally, I don't know many of the Bible-thumping, tight permed women with frown lines who make a mockery of all things spiritual. Most church ladies I know defy stereotype with gentleness, kindness and good humor.

Take for example, my new friend Lois. (I wanted to scrunch down to look shorter, but she said not to.)

Isn't she cute?
So, my thanks to you sweet women of Meadowbrook for hosting me, and for the excellent punch and cookies. I especially liked your penny prayer idea and the quiet way you live out your devotion.

You do your faith proud.

p.s. I'm glad you picked POTTER SPRINGS as one of your "not sucky" books for review. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

Going Coastal

We just got back from a trip to the Oregon coast...where I was more than pleased to find the trade paperback of POTTER SPRINGS featured on the new fiction tables. Of course, like a total goober I had to take pictures. We're not in Texas anymore, Toto! (Whipping out the digital sorta blows the elusive-I'm-an-author-cool-chick image, but I never claimed to have one anyway.)

Here I am in Powell's City of Books, which is a reader's idea of heaven. They literally have maps so you don't get lost in the gazillion floors which are color coded for those of us who aren't so number-oriented.


Note the hoodie wrapped around the waist. Total tourist, but with coastal weather, it's all about the layers. Plus, with a hoodie and a ponytail, you're ready for anything: hiking, water rafting, spelunking. Of which I participated in exactly none. But we did eat at some amazing restaurants. Hello Huber's!

Here's a stop at my newest favorite Borders in Oregon - in a town called Gresham. Here's Rachel, (me), Sarah and Joan. Can't you see by their faces how friendly they are?

Of course, when I started talking, my new friends looked at me strangely and said, with Oregonian politeness, "Where are you from?" And here I thought I didn't have an accent.

Maybe it was because I said "Thank y'all for selling my books?"

A poll: Where's the friendliest place you've ever been? The rudest? Posted by Picasa