Monday, February 25, 2008

My Town Monday

Inspired by my friend, Travis Erwin, I've decided to join in his efforts to take Mondays as a day to celebrate (or bemoan) the events, culture and quirks of our current hometowns...which for me is Fort Worth, Texas.

Today my daughter is at home sick and I called our doctor's office to schedule an appointment. I like my doctor's office because it's five minutes away from my house and is across from a drive-thru pharmacy, which comes in handy when you're stumbling around half-blind with pain from a sinus infection. (Maybe that's just me?) Of course, the office was booked solid and the receptionist put us in the nearest appointment--for noon tomorrow. Which seems like an eternity when your tweenager is drifting listlessly around the house with a fever and the cough of an eighty year-old smoker. Then the receptionist told me, not unkindly, that if I'd called earlier I'd have probably gotten an appointment. It wasn't a reprimand, more like a friend-to-friend commiserating on my bad luck. I agreed, thanked her, and said goodbye.

A few minutes later she called back. She'd talked to the doctor directly and wrangled a spot, because, as she said, "Eleven year-olds don't like to be sick, do they?" "No, ma'am, they don't." And their mamas don't like it either. I told the receptionist we could be there in five minutes after she said go, and she said, "Why don't you just come on down right now?" I said, "You precious woman, we'll be right there."

So, here's what I love about my town: That even in the medical marsh that is today's healthcare system, a busy woman will go the extra mile and put in a good word for another busy woman. That a sick child can travel a few short blocks and see a competent, professional doctor (who gave us nose spray for free! whoopee!) That I can, without embarrassment, call that lady who helped us You Precious Woman. That we probably made each other's day better, in a small way, simply by trading kindnesses.

So, readers o' the blog, I hope you go forth to spread and experience kindness in your town today. Report back, and tell me what happened...



Blogger MuhibMahbub said...

Hello..nice blog, i'm from Egypt,in my vilage now we all joyful not like another day...we very happy today because we got a skyjuice, free juice from the God...from the sky :)
Okey..whatever. I just wanna say
Welcome to Egypt.
Egypt From The Sky
Let's hear an arabic song..okey Bye
Melody from the Desert

12:05 PM  
Blogger Kern said...

SInce I also live in Ft. Worth, I will substitute Hurst, where I work. It was 88 degrees today, and the sewer renovation still has Precinct Line Rd. torn to pieces. No skyjuice in Hurst today, but maybe on Friday. There is a new restaurant in Hurst that locals should try. Thai Tippewan on Harwood. The Pad Thai is the best in all of Northern Hurst.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Britta Coleman said...

Love the song, Muhibmahbub. I especially like his sunglasses in the video. Thanks for stopping by the blog and we hope you visit often. Thanks, too, for a new word -- skyjuice will be a refreshing addition to my vocabulary.

Kern, does the sewer renovation change the aromatic ambiance of Precinct Line road?

3:45 PM  
Blogger Travis Erwin said...

Britta I have a feeling you can charm your way into most places, but yes it is refreshing to hear not every doctor's office views us as cattle.

I'm really glad you've joined in on My Town Mondays.

And I'm going to find a way to use skyjuice in a conversation tomorrow at work.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Mathilda said...

Ironic how themes seem to be appearing and reappearing in my life currently.

The idea of kindness, or moreso of, 'community' has been at the forefront of my life lately. Due to a blunder that I recently made in a hasty email regarding the topic of community (and the powers that be sending out nasty grams telling us that we better show up at the visiting writer events because they pay good money... etc. Hey, I'm all about supporting the awesome visiting writers--except when I have CLASS!), I found myself apologizing. But, then I realized I was only apologizing because I had been caught, and I was trying to 'save face'. And I took that one step further and realized that I was really looking for was GRACE. Kind of like when a little kid does something naughty for attention. I wasn't being 'naughty' per say, but the apology email was sent with the intention of hearing the words 'I forgive you'. I think God is teaching me that His forgiveness is always more than enough.

In other news, my roommate bought be an amazing donut today and I had coffee with an acquaintance at the coffee shop on campus.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Britta Coleman said...

Mathilda, I am a sucker for donuts. And grace, in all its forms.

Travis, I hope the dropping of the skyjuice enhanced your conversation.

11:55 AM  

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