Monday, June 02, 2008

My Town Wednesday: Time to Absquatulate

We're leaving Wednesday for a long weekend trip to Wisconsin for a family reunion and to celebrate my mother's birthday. I'm surrounded by laundry, to-do lists, and last-minute reminders of what to pack. Wisconsin, in a bizarre twist, has different weather than Texas and requires more than sundresses and flipflops.

Thank goodness we have a daily calendar from the Princeton Review that offers up a word of the day, along with the promise to "Help students define their futures." Not sure how a calendar can do that, but our family has fun working in the vocab into daily dialogue.

Today's word:


Just for fun, do you think it means...
a) to decamp; to depart in a hurry
b) to emit gas from the abdominal cavity
c) to eliminate primitive beasts from wooded areas
d) to exercise core muscles by calisthenic repititions

If you picked A, you are correct! Although, I still think ABSQUATULATE sounds like it falls in the flatulence camp, which is why I whipped up the little quiz. (Also, word play is an excellent procrastination tool when one's to-do list makes one want to weep and/or surrender all plans watch Bones episodes on Hulu.)

I digress. After the laundry, the packing, the squishing of gifts into overloaded suitcases, we'll absquatulate our home environs and head north. To the land of the Packer Backers, the great lakes, and lots and lots of white food.

Will post when I return next week. Until then, my blogger friends, best wishes on any absquatulations in your future.

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