Thursday, January 08, 2009

Elvis and Travis

Happy Birthday to the late (allegedly) Elvis Presley. While I'm not a huge Elvis fan, he did write one of my favorite songs -- "Always on My Mind." Willie Nelson's version, in my opinion, is the best. Heartwrenching and true.

Speaking of heartwrenching, my thoughts and prayers are with my Amarillo friend and blogging icon, Travis Erwin. He lost his home to a fire this week. He and his family survived without injury, for which I thank God. If you know Travis, or simply want to express a kindness or two, please stop by his blog.

If you want to help the Erwins (and you will after reading his poignant account of the fire), please visit Habitat for Travis. Every little bit counts.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Cheers and Jeers

This past Saturday morning I sat at the kitchen table with my family, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and reading the paper. Like many local newspapers, ours has gotten thinner from loss of revenue and circulation, but thankfully, the Star-Telegram has kept one of my favorite weekend features: the Cheers and Jeers section.

Cheers and Jeers is a special Saturday edition of the opinions where readers can send in short comments, positive or negative. The comments range from thanks to medical centers ("you made the stay of this grouchy old man much more tolerable") to broader diatribes on society ("jeers to a world in which everyone over 5 years old has a cellphone glued to their head"). Of course, I always get a bigger kick from the jeers.

Here are a couple excerpts.

"Cheers: To the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Sundance Square for providing the only public restrooms during the Parade of Lights. Jeers to the city for not having enough portables for the crowd." --M.R. Ormsbee, Haltom City

I'm with you, M.R. Although, I will risk great internal damage before using a portable under any circumstances, long lines or not.

"Jeers: To the person(s) who knocked down a large section of our 6-foot wooden fence and left the scene in the wee hours the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Were you too loaded with presents from Black Friday, or just too loaded to make the curve? We are older and on a fixed income, so this comes out of our pockets. Oh, maybe that was why you left your side mirrors, signals and other parts in our yard. How thoughtful. We can sell them on eBay to pay for the damage you left behind."--Ralph Briggs, Arlington

Way to go, Ralph! Not only did you get in a pun (loaded!) but you displayed an internet savvy uncharacteristic to your age group. Here's a tip of the coffee cup to you, fine sir.

Question: Do you read the newspaper? What's your favorite section?