Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Follow Up on Summer of Soap

My daughter and I had a full summer of soaps--with wonderful results. Our first batch was the hot pink bar at the top, upper right of the photo. We called it Berry Beachy, and it had a tropical scent to go with its (a little too bright) pink coloring. It was our first effort at coloration, and my daughter is nothing if not enthusiastic.

The second batch was on the upper left--Cafe O'Le! It had coffee grounds and an energizing scent, which combined for extra exfoliation and wake-you-up goodness. Super great for gardening hands, which is helpful since I'm helping to start a community garden.

The third batch was at the bottom right, on the green washcloth. This is Rosehip Jasmine with ground oatmeal. Superfatted with extra almond oils, this one is extra moisturizing.

The lower left (with the swirl) is Sandalwood Spice. It's got an earthy texture and color due to some cinnamon I added for scent and exfoliation.

All the soaps are resting on handknit washcloths--another obsession of mine. I'm trying to convert my household into all homemade goods. Not sure whether I'll succeed, but it sure is fun to try...

In our newest experiment, we made a batch of Eucalyptus Spearmint soap with a trick I learned from a spa in Wyoming. They sold loofah soaps which my whole family fell in love with. We used a new mold for these, too--Pringles cans. The soaps came out a little damp since the loofahs were moist when we added the soap mixture. I'll let you know how they cure.

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